Dear Traveler,

I am delighted to have the opportunity to tell you a little about Kibo Guides, a company which I started over 20 years ago in 1991. The reason for setting up a safari business was a result of a personal passion for Tanzania, my homeland, but also of course to inspire and encourage others to explore and to fall in love with this beautiful country. At the outset, we had just one vehicle which was a flat-out running back-to-back safaris to some of the remotest parts of Tanzania. Since then, we have expanded gradually and we now have 100 custom-made vehicles and a team of committed and experienced staff and guides.

As a family-owned business, we take great pride in the friendly, loyal yet modern and professional experience that we offer our guests. We love and respect nature and enjoy liberty. With this in mind, we offer you the chance to explore and enjoy Tanzania’s staggering natural and ethnic diversity without restriction. Tanzania remains one of the least-known countries in the world, as well as one of the least explored. It is a vast country with enormous landscapes and limitless vistas and horizons. Much of its natural beauty truly has to be seen to be believed: acacia woodlands; open savannas dotted with extraordinary mega fauna; ancient volcanoes and forests; and salt flats, to name but a few. Humans have been present here for thousands of years and Tanzania offers a journey through the history of human evolution with local tribes maintaining their ancient customs to this day.

Kibo Guides caters for small groups and individuals and offers tailor-made safaris allowing you to follow your passions and interests and creating for you a unique and innovative adventure. We look forward to sharing with you our fervor for safaris in this most astonishing of African countries.

Warm wishes

Willy Chambulo
Managing Director

Kibo Guides, founded in 1991, has over 20 years’ experience organizing tailor-made safaris, allowing our clients the freedom to explore some of the remotest and most stunning regions of northern and southern Tanzania. With an established reputation as one of Tanzania’s most prestigious Safari Operators, we are honored and proud to be able to offer you the best experience to view Tanzania’s spectacular natural and cultural beauty.

In 2002 we opened our umbrella company, Tanganyika Wilderness Camps, which boasts a portfolio of unique properties, considered amongst the finest in Tanzania. Our 14 Safari Camps and Lodges are located in some of Tanzania’s wildest and most beautiful areas.

Kibo Guides was founded and is directed by Willy Chambulo, an inspirational Tanzanian who, from humble beginnings, had the vision and spirit to pursue his dreams and create a thriving safari business with the power to change lives. Willy grew up in a small village in northern Tanzania with German heritage from his father’s side, Irish from his mother’s and Maasai from both. He is a keen naturalist and conservationist and lives in Arusha. Currently Willy is Chairman of the Tanzania Association of Tour Operator.

Nuria Panizo is Director and partner in Kibo Guides and Tanganyika Wilderness Camps. She is Spanish, specialized in Tourism and Business Management and currently lives part time in Spain and Tanzania.

There is a solid team which includes sales, with Josiah Mkenwa as Sales Manager, and operations, which is run by Kennedy Adawo. Kibo operates out of an efficient office in the heart of Arusha town and employs more than 200 staffs including management / admin, drivers and guides.

Friendly, knowledgeable and resourceful, our 74 Tanzanian guides will ensure that you have an unforgettable safari experience. All Kibo guides are certified by the Kenya Professional Safari Guides Association, a rigorous examining body that ensures the highest guiding standards, and as such they are well informed about a wide range of animal and plant characteristics (including behavior, taxonomy, reproduction etc.) as well as Codes of Conduct.

All the guides have excellent communication skills and can speak perfect English. We also have guides with additional languages (e.g. German, French, Italian, Japanese and Spanish).

Our guides are passionate about Tanzania’s history, culture and the natural environment and will always go the extra mile to make your safari the absolute best. Typically our clients are the first into the Ngorongoro Crater and the last to leave! No mileage limits are imposed on our guides, so they have the liberty to follow interesting wildlife or to visit a distant tribe.

Kibo focuses its activities in places of unique and fragile beauty where the few inhabitants of the area generally live in small settlements (bomas). In order to support neighboring communities and the local economy, Kibo has an employment policy of giving preference to people from the local neighborhood. Not only do they benefit directly but the ripple effect to extended families can have a profound impact both economically and socially. However, while Kibo is proud to promote local economies, we are also highly sensitive to indigenous traditions and cultures. Cultural trips are only arranged at the invitation of the relevant community and conducted with delicacy, thought and grace.

Kibo is also involved in longer-term projects, including education and health. With a client bed night contribution as well as through private donors, Kibo has been able to support local schools in both Karatu and Kilimanjaro to build much-needed new classrooms. We have also helped in the supply of clean fresh water by introducing water pumps in several other villages including Elerai and Njia Panda.

We believe our success lies in our professionalism, our devotion to the African bush and the people who share it, as well as our passion for nature and the environment. We look forward to giving you an unforgettable Tanzanian experience!

  • to provide each and every client with impeccable service, ensuring an exceptional travel experience
  • to demonstrate our creativity, innovation and commitment in a manner which sets us apart from others in the business
  • to build knowledgeable, responsible and accountable teams who are proud to be associated with a company that recognizes them as a vital part of it: “Our people are our success”
  • to improve the welfare of Tanzanians through tourism
  • to target and carefully identify the markets which we want to develop
  • to build sustainable relationships with our clients and with service-providers in the industry

Kibo Guides is a ground handler specializing in Tanzania, East Africa. We offer holistic travel solutions to international leisure and business markets, including:

  • Leisure Groups and Individual Travelers
  • Conferences & Incentive Groups
  • Scheduled Tours with guaranteed departures

In operation since 1991, Kibo Guides has extensive experience in designing innovative and custom-made itineraries throughout Tanzania.

Our guides are highly trained and speak a variety of different languages including English, German, French, Italian, Japanese and Spanish. They are passionate about wildlife and the environment and are able to anticipate our guests’ needs and expectations thus ensuring a top quality service. Furthermore, the efficiency of our regional teams ensures that the planning and administration of each trip is a seamless, precise and a wonderful experience.

We own a fleet of more than one hundred safari vehicles including 4WD Toyota Land Cruisers (5-seaters and 7-seaters) specially designed to provide maximum comfort on safari, together with comfortable buses for transfers.

All of the 4WD vehicles are equipped with seat belts, pop up roofs, radio systems, battery chargers and sliding windows. Each vehicle also has a small comprehensive library with guide books of mammals and birds. The vehicles are safe and reliable and are always serviced before they depart on safari.

We believe that the journey is an experience in itself, and therefore we utilize outstanding coaches and airlines, to enable our clients to travel in comfort and style.