Mahale & Chimps

Visit the Mahale Mountains, a natural paradise on the edge of Lake Tanganyika. Stay at Greystoke Mahale. Camp in wildly exotic wooden bandas, looking out across soft sand beach, with interiors fashioned from old seasoned dhow timber and decorated with style and panache.

While in this barefoot Eden, you’ll be able to relax and enjoy stunning lake views, whether it’s the cool greys of the morning or the pinks of the sunset . Explore the forests and swim in secret mountain pools. Take romantic 90min boot cruises down the lake shore. And, of course, encounter the unforgettable chimpanzees of the Mahale Mountains.

  • Tour Information
  • Destinations: Mahale, Tanzania
  • Duration: 3 Nights
  • Activities: Boat ride, Chimps encounter
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